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Formulations Aids

"Unique Solution for Formulation Hurdle"

Development of pharmaceutical products is a complex and cumbersome process, if not handled with proper skill and scientific solutions. Various API related issues including low solubility, low permeability, poor stability and bitter taste limits success of formulation. Similarly, judicious selection of excipient is a core part of formulation process which assures maximum product safety, highest level of analytical quality testing, and batch-to-batch consistency. It an hour of need to develop customized (Co-Processed) excipients suitable for versatile use. Our formulation expert team will provided tactic solution as a formulation support. Our services related to formulation aid include:

  • Taste masking of bitter APIs
  • Excipients evaluation
  • Solubility modulation
  • Permeability modulation
  • Increase stability
  • Increase compressibility
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